This is the story of a stray in search of a home.

Stray begins on an idyllic countryside meadow: a willow tree bending over an azure pond, farm animals grazing on hilly fields, and–suddenly–a young woman, Jennifer, rolls out of a van and away from a male assailant. She stabs him and escapes narrowly into the forest, with nothing but a small pink knapsack.

Jennifer lands in the sedate and equally idyllic Chestnut Hill, picking up shifts at a local bar, and finding a friend in Greg, the bar’s owner. But Jennifer isn’t content to remain friends. She quickly comes between Greg and his fiancée Sarah by falling pregnant and claiming Greg as the father of her child. But just as she is on the brink of becoming a part of a family, her hidden, unspeakable past catches up to her, which spells disaster for all who have come to know her in Chestnut Hill.

Is it possible for Jennifer to break the cycle and overcome her violent history, or will she flee again, doomed to remain a wandering stray?

The Cast

Gabrielle Stone

Dan McGlaughlin

Arita Trahan

Andrew Sensenig

Samantha Fairfield Walsh

Sean Patrick Folster


Nena Eskridge


Experimenting with film since the 1970’s, Nena Eskridge has an extensive background in film and video production. She studied film at Ithaca College, where she graduated with honors. She was the first woman at Ithaca College to win the prestigious Pendleton award. After finishing college, she moved to New York City where she garnered many years of experience in film production. Using her passion for filmmaking and well-­honed leadership skills, Nena makes her directorial debut with her award-winning screenplay, Stray. She now lives and writes in Philadelphia, where Stray was filmed.

David Landau

Director of

David Landau, Director of Photography, and co-producer of Stray, is a five time Telly Award winner in cinematography and lighting, and author of the new book “Lighting for Cinematography” from Bloomsbury Press. He is also an IATSE local 52 gaffer, who has worked professionally for years in the film and TV industry.

John Avarese


A life-long musician, John Avarese began studying classical piano at the age of four. To date, John has composed over 3000 commissioned scores and recorded an elegant collection of film music, as well as mixing and sound design on twenty theatrical feature films and scores of shorts.

Sam Adelman


For over twenty years, Sam has worked as a filmmaker in the editing rooms of over 50 feature films with such luminary directors as Sidney Lumet, Andrew Bergman, Ulu Grosbard, Robert Redford, Frank Gilroy, and Nora Ephron. Since 2002, he has produced two feature films, Screen Door Jesus and Welcome to Academia , as well as the Academy Award-nominated short documentary film, Salim Baba.

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